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Of Jewish Nazis and Heil Hitler shouting Freedom Fighters

Written by Isa Nowotny, May 7, 2017;

»Why do the Jews treat the Palestinians just like they themselves were treated by the Nazis back then? And they of all people should have learned something from history!« This is the naive sentence many Europeans and especially Germans use in order to prevent any debate about the Middle East conflict. If you give them even a short critical glance after that, more often than not they will take a defensive position: »Not all Jews, obviously, but ... well, you know what I mean.« Of course they mean those Israelis who refuse to sacrifice their land and thus their livelihood for reasons of tolerance. But even in their eyes there exist some good Jews/Israelis: from Sara Kershnar to Ilan Pappé and the ultra-Orthodox anti-Zionists who want to make the practice of stoning (not talking about weed here) legal again, but this does not matter to German do-gooders in the slightest: They merely care about having their mainstream media-acquired worldview approved by Jews (!).

Those do-gooders bend over backwards trying to find even the most ridiculous parallels between the Israeli Army (IDF) and the Nazi SS. So, without further ado, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank are declared an »outdoor concentration camp«, Palestinians have to show a special ID card at the checkpoint in order to prove their »racial purity« - what's next? In the end, the gas the IDF uses against rioting protesters is not even tear gas, but Cyclone B?

At this point I'd like to include a short video by filmmaker Ami Horowitz, showing the oh-so horrible daily lives of Palestinians:

As primitive it is to convert the Jewish people's tragedy into a moral club just to club them over the head with it: This method can only be topped when the accusations are not only entirely wrong, but it is in fact the opposing side that commonly uses Nazi rhethorics - not the Israelis. Just have a look at this Hamas-supporting gentleman:

I recommend you simply google »Hamas Hitler Salute«, the search results will either shock or surprise you - or they will not. This depends on how thoroughly you have already studied the conflict. Not to mention the shop »Hitler 2« in Gaza, where you can buy knives, balaclavas and more Intifada supplies:


Nevertheless - or because of this? - these exact people are regarded as great freedom fighters by many Europeans, and their anti-Semitic slogans are being justified and thus trivialized. And this is all too easy: Simply replace the word »Jew« by »Israeli« or, even better, by »Zionist« or »occupier« and none of these gullible Europeans will notice you actually meant the entire ethno-religious group of »The Jews«. Great! If you say »occupier«, you will have the greatest chance of appealing to the Europeans' typical obsessive tendency towards starry-eyed idealism: they will immediately agree how every way and method of fighting an occupation is justified - so, Nazi-methods count as well. After all, it's just a coincidence those »occupiers« are Jews in this case, right?

Of course, the Israelis have already understood these mechanisms (which is obvious simply because the Israeli State still exists) and know exactly how to handle the Islamofascists. If you offer one inch to these people, they will take more than a mile right away. Yes, the Jews/Israelis/Zionists/occupiers know who they are dealing with.

»But this still doesn't answer the question as to why they seem to have learned nothing from the past!«

It's simple: The Israelis are not nice to Hitler-praising Islamofascists; not because they have not learned anything from history, but precisely because they have learned from their history. Showing anti-Semites clear, immovable limitations is the safest bet when it comes to the prevention of another genocide.