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Sigmar Gabriel

»My friend Abbas«

What interests does the German Foreign Minister pursue?

A comment by Ursula Prem, April 29, 2017; Translation from German: Isa Nowotny;

»The Open Society European Policy Institute is the EU policy arm of the Open Society Foundations. We work to foster open societies inside and outside Europe by leveraging the EU's policies, legislation, funding, and political influence.«


This declaration of war against the sovereignty of the EU Parliament originates from the website of the Open Society Foundations, brought to life by financial speculator and supposed philanthropist George Soros. Many things have already been written about this would-be ruler of the world, whose entire network of financial profiteers like Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), universities, journalists and other multiples is still to be analyzed profoundly.

This article will be confined to the Open Society Foundations' and its subsidiary organizations' efforts to destabilize Israel politically, and to the question whose interests German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel was pursuing when he chose to meet up with spokespeople of at least three Soros-sustained NGOs instead of performing his actual duty: to represent his country at an appropriate diplomatic level.

Representatives of Civil society?

It is absolutely normal for him to be seeing »representatives of civil society« during his travels as Foreign Minister, Gabriel announced with an innocent look on his face after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled their meeting. - Shortly after, Netanyahu explained his principles during an interview with Kai Diekmann: He would not meet up with foreign diplomats who are meeting up with organisations during their visit in Israel that declare Israeli soldiers war criminals.

If you check the respective organizations more thoroughly, it becomes clear that they are far from being authentic representatives of Israeli »Civil Society«: Organizations like »B'tselem«, »Breaking the Silence« and »Ir Amim« are not only characterized by their complete ideological bias to the disadvantage of the Israeli state, but also by striking parallels concerning their financing structure:

  • All three organizations name, among others, George Soros' Open Society Foundations as one of their sponsors.
  • All three organizations name the New Israel Fund (NIF) as one of their donors. Then again, the Arab Regional Office (ARO) claims to be the NIF's »long-term-funder« - which itself is a spin-out of the Open Society Foundations.
  • On top of that, all three organizations receive subsidies from EU-coffers (!).


How far has George Soros come by now with his efforts to use »policies, legislation, funding, and political influence of the EU« (as noted above) for his own purposes? Is the allocation of funds for anti-Israel organizations already a result of his exertion of influence? A leaked document at least provides infomation on the number and identity of those people in the EU Parliament who are considered »Reliable allies« by Soros. The brochure »Reliable allies in the European Parliament (2014 - 2019) for the Open Society European Policy Institute« introduces 226 members of the EU Parliament who are proven or presumable allies of the Open Society Foundation. [Quelle]

As a result, the »Reliable allies« - who were recruited by George Soros from many different countries and parties - would provide the undeniably biggest fraction in the EU Parliament!

Among the »Reliable allies« there is a particularly prominent member to be pointed out: No other than former President of the EU Parliament and current SPD candidate for chancellor Martin Schulz himself. On June 23, 2016 Schulz did not only endure a speech by Mahmoud Abbas before the EU Parliament without objecting, in which the Palestinian President revived the old anti-Semitic tale of the Jewish well-poisoners; but afterwards he thanked Abbas on Twitter for his »inspiring address«. Another EU delegate, Eugen Freund (SPD) from Austria, acted just as frenetic: On Twitter he wrote »Applause for Abbas' question: Isn't it about time to finally end the Israeli occupation of Palestine?« - Is it really necessary to mention Freund is on Open Society Foundations' list of »Reliable allies« as well?

Abbas surely is pleased with this prominent support. If things were still going the right way in Europe, this kind of support would be unimaginable, considering the Palestinian leader leaves no doubt about his true intentions when he is not standing on the diplomatic stage:

»We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem. Blood on its way to Allah. They [the Israelis] have no right to desecrate them with their filthy feet, and we won't allow them to«, he likes to tell his followers.

Spoken like a true friend. A friend of Sigmar Gabriel. On March 24, 2017 the Foreign Minister tweeted:

»Met my friend Mahmoud Abbas. Germany supports a Two-state solution & supports state building in Palestine.«

Another source of funding for two of the three NGOs Gabriel was courting in Israel is a perfect match here: Both B'tselem and Ir Amim receive funding from the German Institute for Foreign Relations; in turn this Institute is subsidized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Simply put: The ministry Sigmar Gabriel is in charge of directly funds organizations whose purpose is the destruction of the State of Israel. This does not only constitute a serious intrusion into Israel's internal affairs, but is also an act of treason against the Federal Republic of Germany, whose reasons of State include the Israeli state's right to exist!

No bad conscience

Netanyahu simply called Gabriel's actions »insensitive«. Apparently he has already given up hope for a minimum of reason with the current German Foreign Minister. How could he ever explain to Gabriel the extent of the issue whose tune Gabriel was made to dance to? - No, he does not have a bad conscience, Gabriel can be cited by leading media.

We, the citizens of Germany, however, should inform ourselves immediately who our Foreign Minister actually acts for. My hypothesis: In no way does Gabriel represent German interests, but enforces the will of a power-hungry speculator who imposes his ideal world order with the help of a hybrid mixture of »do-gooders' newspeak« and the hard dollar.

In conclusion: The actions of German and European politics in the form of Sigmar Gabriel, Martin Schulz, the German chancellor who approves these two as well as the EU Parliament are directly and actively aimed at the destruction of Israel. This can be blamed on a sickening mixture of the old anti-Semitism, hard currency for supposed »Human Rights Organizations«, German arrogance and know-it-all attitude, foolish starry-eyed idealism and sluggish stupidity which is currently tainting the small Israel. Israel - of all countries - which in fact has to deal with completely different problems on her doorstep.